Pakistan’s online jobs freelancing platform Azadee

Pakistan’s online jobs freelancing platform Azadee.The first freelancing tool made in the United States will help businesses stay within their budgets and give freelancers a way to make extra money.

Azadee, a local work platform for Pakistani professionals, was launched today by, Pakistan’s online jobs site. 

Rozee built this platform because, according to them, there are 10 million skilled workers and freelancers on the Rozee platform and 100,000 employers in Pakistan. The launch comes at a tough time for the economy:

  • Inflation is high.
  • Businesses are closing or letting workers go.
  • Raises take a lot of work to come by. 

“There is almost no freelance work in Pakistan, even though it is the fifth largest country for international freelancers,” Rahman says. Because many freelancers are already signed up with Rozee and other professionals are also very good, we’re letting our clients post jobs for things like logo design or making Android apps.

As of sixteen months ago, Rozee has hired 30% fewer people than before. Azadee will let companies hire skilled professionals instead of full-time workers for projects as business conditions worsen. This will give these professionals a way to make money and help companies find workers.

Monis says short-term work is already available and makes more sense in the current economy, so it doesn’t compete with Rozee’s present hire feature. “The businesses would be happy because they already hire people part-time or full-time.

Now, they don’t have to hire a full-time Android app developer to do the job; they can hire a skilled freelancer instead. “The fintech platform changes the freelance landscape in Pakistan by giving businesses and freelancers almost endless opportunities.” According to Shahid Kazi, CEO of Rozee, this tool lets businesses add to their staff without hiring full-time workers, which can be very expensive. This way, they can continue to grow on a very tight budget.

Rozee is a website that matches freelancers with companies that need help with freelance work. It will also ensure that people get paid when the work is done and set up formal contracts between all parties.

At the same time, Azadee comes out, Rozee’s financial wellness tool Rizq does, too. Rahman calls Rizq a “super-app” for professionals and freelancers. An app called Rizq helps workers and freelancers save money, invest, and keep track of their money.

Professionals and workers could use some of the Rizq app’s features to invest in mutual funds, join ROSCAs (called committees), and get loans from Rozee’s partner banks. Users could also find side jobs on the Azadee website through the Rizq app.  

Monis Rahman says, “We believe Azadee can be a shot in the arm for a cash-flow-constrained economy that is slowing down.” “We believe that reintroducing our talented professionals and employers through freelancing can bring about a lot of economic activity.” Many of these new freelancers will go on to start their businesses, which will bring in overseas projects and much-needed foreign currency.

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